Tethr OnDemand Webinar

Reimagining Quality Assurance in the ‘new normal’

Whilst Quality Assurance has historically been the cornerstone of Call Centre management, the sudden move to remote working and a surge in call volumes has had an inevitable impact on the effectiveness of traditional QA processes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In today’s new normal, organisations must adapt to these changes and understand how to reimagine QA to drive better quality outcomes for the evolving requirements of their consumers.

Red Box has joined forces with partner Tethr - a leading AI-based conversation intelligence platform that unlocks the hidden insights sitting in your customer call data (and other customer interactions). 



Ted McKenna, SVP Product, Tethr
Pete Ellis, CPO, Red Box

In this session:

We explore how Call Centre leaders are harnessing technology to both automate and augment the QA process.

Looking at the continuation of remote working and impact from Coronavirus, understand how being able to listen to and analyse every conversation in near real-time can help you to reimagine QA in your Call Centre to quickly identify efficiencies, costs savings and coaching and training requirements that will help optimise both employee and customer experience.

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