Ai4 Healthcare Summit

Panel Discussion

Healthcare Sector

Reducing fraud, waste & abuse with AI

Fraud, waste and abuse within healthcare represents $100b+ lost each year. If solved, this massive problem would represent an opportunity to allocate significant resources into improving patient outcomes. As a tool for recognising trends and discrepancies, AI is poised to overhaul how both payors and providers catch fraudulent and wasteful behaviours.

This panel of healthcare leaders will dive into this hundred-billion-dollar problem and how they're using AI to solve it. 

On this Panel Discussion:

Red Box demonstrates how voice and AI can turn unstructured data into opportunity for healthcare organisations, extracting insights from multiple sources to help you understand patient needs, optimise processes and enhance the patient experience in order to stay ahead of the competition.

This is a chance to delve into what AI really means to the healthcare industry now - and in the future - and with 80% of global health data unstructured, the possibilities are endless.

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