Quality Management

Using captured voice data to drive innovation and improvement across your business.

Improve Operational Performance

The customer experience is always the main priority. In commerce, quality of service is intrinsic to loyalty and reputation. In public safety, lives can depend on agents answering calls and gathering accurate information quickly. In finance, clear, accurate, and regulatory compliant information is essential.

With Red Box, you can monitor and quality-assess employee performance and provide personalised coaching and training based on real business insight.


Best practice in call quality monitoring and performance review suggests an automated, targeted approach. Our Quality Management workflow is designed to align with this methodology.


Automatically select high value calls, schedule and assign them to the right supervisor for evaluation using custom evaluation forms and criteria to capture the right data and insight.


Measure performance in key areas such as call handling and first-call resolution, then summarise and visualise your evaluation data with targeted reports to get the business insights you need.


Enable identification of training needs and facilitate targeted coaching to provide a pathway for quality improvements. Raise the bar in every area of service to improve operational efficiencies.

Quality Management across Sectors

Financial Services

To ensure financial organisations have confidence in their compliance with record keeping requirements, we provide the intelligence needed to proactively monitor the Red Box system, confirming that all critical communications are being recorded, archived and retained correctly.

Call Centres

We help call center managers and team leaders monitor and improve quality. By automatically sampling recordings, supervisors can conduct random custom employee assessments and track company-wide standards with built-in reports.


With a need to continuously offer the public a better service, it’s vital for government organisations to provide the best possible customer experience. By automatically sampling recordings, managers can conduct random custom employee assessments and track overall standards with built-in reports.

Public Safety

Our monitoring and training package allows public safety organisations to improve call handling speed and accuracy, reduce errors, and successfully deliver high levels of service. Red Box helps improve employee retention and morale, and helps organisations comply with call handing standards.