AI-driven Quality Assurance

Augment QA processes with fully automated insights

Conversational intelligence from every call

Many organisations are struggling to take advantage of the voice of their customers to improve their overall customer experience, but the ability to surface insights from every interaction can drive significant value and enable measurable business results across the enterprise.

Red Box has joined forces with partner Tethr - a leading AI-based conversation intelligence platform - to automate and augment your Quality Assurance (QA). Leveraging high-quality voice data captured by Red Box, analyse entire conversations to understand context, derive meaning, and deliver coachable insights you can act on.

Tethr Quality Assurance Datasheet

Make every conversation count

Combine rich voice data sets from Red Box with advanced research-backed AI and natural language processing to deliver insights across the customer journey.

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Transform your Quality Assurance

Enterprise-wide Voice Insights

Enterprise-wide Impact

Unlock the value of conversational data with high-quality voice insights that impact use-cases across the organisation, from customer experience to compliance.

Custom Quality Assurance Scoring

Custom Scoring

Custom QA score configurations allows you to share your scoring methodology and success metrics which are mapped into corresponding fields in Tethr. 

Agent Impact Scoring

Agent Impact Scoring

Your AIS scores connect agent performance directly to measurable business outcomes. Track more than 160 variables for a snapshot of every call performance.

Quality Assurance Insights

The Ultimate Dashboard

Other QA methods stop at delivering a score. Tethr does more. Easily create new AI-powered insight categories (i.e.“offer assistance”) for a deeper dive into calls.

Tethr Effort Index

Tethr Effort Index

Track the customer effort identified in every conversation and assign a score between 1-10 for each conversation to identify areas of improvement in agent performance.

Sales and Service Call Data

Insights Made Easy

View all your sales and service data at a glance with charts, heatmaps, and more to glean insights from 100% of your calls, chats, cases, and other data sources.

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