Analytics & AI

Voice data analytics and artificial intelligence to unlock the value in your voice data.

Business Insights with Speech Analytics

Voice is powerful – it is spontaneous, intuitive and natural. Conversations convey context and sentiment, they build over time and help us understand each other. As a data set, voice holds much more value than any other means of communication.

Unlocking this data can provide invaluable insight with a huge number of potential business outcomes, such as addressing automation, security, fraud or enhancing employee engagement and the customer experience.


We guarantee the capture of all voice communications from anywhere, irrespective of source, and without needing to change your existing telecoms infrastructure.


Providing extra value through the insight gained from structured voice data. Unlike pure audio (unstructured data), this data can be processed by business systems, providing easier search and improved analytics.


Via our free and open REST-based APIs, we deliver seamless and secure integration with a wide range of business applications.


Our platform architecture connects you to the broadest partner ecosystem in the industry to help you process and analyse voice data your way.

Analytics & AI across Sectors

Financial Services

We support financial services organisations to make solutions work beyond compliance. Our open API architecture enables seamless integration with tools such as compliance archiving and analytics platforms, voice biometrics, fraud detection and fuelling AI engines.

Call Centres

Integrating with leading CRM and analytics platforms allows contact centres to get additional value from their communications data. Our voice-to-text transcription service provides further value – with voice communications transcribed to text, everyday calls are turned into useful insight.


Government organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver outstanding service – in the face of budget cuts this can be a huge challenge. Our integrations with leading CRM and analytics platforms enables government organisations to get additional insight on areas for optimisation.

Public Safety

Emergency calls need to be handled quickly and effectively. By leveraging our open API architecture and best-of-breed partners, we help public safety organisations gain insight in to call handling performance and response times to identify areas for improvement and, ultimately, improve survival rates.