Get maximum value from your voice data

Automatic Speech Recognition

For voice data sets packed with rich insights, Conversa’s high-quality, real-time audio capture combines with cutting-edge model training and data-labelling for accurate, enterprise-grade speech recognition and understanding.

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with regulations (MiFID II, Dodd-Frank and GDPR), avoid reputation damage & financial penalties and improve operational performance with our flexible, secure and resilient recording solutions.

Interaction Insights

Through Red Box’s WorkStation Client, organisations can capture intricate details of an agent’s movement on screen to help establish process, tools, or knowledge-related blockers and enable agents to annotate calls with pre-set fields or free text.

Quality Assurance

Customer experience is key, with quality of service intrinsic to loyalty and reputation. With Red Box you can monitor conversation quality, assess employee performance and provide personalised coaching and training.

Screen Recording

Leverage screen insights to manage compliance, agent performance and experience.

Voice Analytics & AI

Complete data sovereignty and an open API architecture enables you to choose the applications & value-added services you leverage to unlock the value of voice data. Connect to the broadest partner ecosystem for Analytics, Archiving, Compliance, CRM & more.