Digital Asset Management

A central repository for all voice and media.


Digital Asset Management

Avoid vendor lock-in and ingest high-quality audio and other critical evidence into a fully compliant Digital Asset Management solution with Red Box and Aetopia.

Organisations can ingest voice data, rich metadata and transcribed conversations captured by Red Box into Aetopia’s fully MOPI and GDPR compliant DAM solution alongside other critical evidence such as CCTV, body-worn video, images and documents.

All assets can then be stored centrally, classified and instantly shared with 3rd parties including the Crown Prosecution Service, HM Courts, legal defence teams and criminal justice organisations to speed up evidence collection and improve case resolution with the latest tools and applications.


Valuable Insights

Through powerful analytics tools users can edit, censor, pinpoint and build chronological timelines and storyboards linking key pieces of evidence together.

MoPI Compliant

Automatically assign MoPI categories to assets that are ingested or uploaded in line with information received from case/record management systems.

Secure Storage

Store assets and evidence securely with private, on-premise and hybrid cloud options for security when you need it most.

Complete Control

For complete legal and regulatory compliance, users can automate multi-level retention rules. 

DAM Use Case

Storing digital evidence on discs and removable drives is a data, security and resource efficiency challenge for many police forces across the UK.  Different types of evidence are stored separately, making analysis, interview preparation, CPS submissions and case resolutions time consuming as linking evidence is a manual process and supporting voice data and video footage is tricky to link together. There is also a real risk to police forces that they may be keeping data outside of MOPI and GDPR guidelines, leaving them open to fines.  

Through the Aetopia DAM platform, evidential assets can be ingested, uploaded and linked through incident or case reference numbers on one central portal. Storing all assets from voice data, CCTV footage and crime scene photography enables investigating officers to build a clear chronological picture which can be used in interviews, analysed to pinpoint and identify key moments, and securely shared with the Crown Prosecution Service and wider UK justice system. The result is efficient case resolution, improved quality of criminal case files production, and reduced spend on physical storage consumables. 


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Aetopia is a specialist software provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions that are designed specifically for policing, blue-light services, and investigative agencies. Aetopia DAM for Law Enforcement allows critical digital evidence such as CCTV, body-worn video, audio recordings, images and documents to be centrally stored, classified and shared on-line with 3rd parties.

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