Customer Relationship Management

Improving organisation-wide collaboration in Public Safety.


Customer Relationship Management

Protecting the most vulnerable people in society is crucial to public safety organisations and through integrations with leading CRM providers control room staff can see a 360-degree view of a situation to understand the wider context and possible implications quickly.


Identify Repeat Callers Quickly 

Through integrations linking the telephone number to records within the CRM quickly identify callers and access information to support decision making.

Associate callers to understand relationships

Through known contact information you can build relationships between callers – helping agents to gain a full picture of situations and history for a faster resolution.

Improved Situation Awareness

Utilising contact history information and the captured call data helps improve awareness of situations to guide control room agents on how to best manage the caller and unfolding situation. 

Supporting Workforce Planning

Bringing together collected voice data, caller history and incident management supports predictive planning for workforce deployment needs.

Use Case

Information is critical to public safety organisations, utilising a CRM to pull in call history, context, caller relationships and flagging key elements from previous contact all help to support call handling teams when looking at how to manage and resolve incidents.

Through partnerships with leading CRM providers, Red Box enable organisations to have a clear view of previous contact, detailed transcriptions of calls that can be viewed quickly alongside tags that flag vulnerable individuals to support emergency services provide an efficient and effective public service.

Microsoft Dynamics has a range of tools within their solution to support public safety organisations in their roles to safeguard the community.

Dynamics 365 Integration