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AI powered speech analytics supporting emergency services

With a high percentage of emergency responses starting with a phone call, these critical communications are vital to understand trends in behaviours for the wider community. 

Through the combination of voice data, transcription and AI powered analytics, public safety organisations can understand content, trends and risk in more detail than before to inform decision making, guide staff training, coaching, staffing levels and more.

With our free and open APIs, voice data can be leveraged, alongside other communication and operational data, in any AI or analytics application, including best of breed Customer Experience platforms like Tethr.


Discover insights from every conversation with Tethr and Red Box

Insights from day one 

Utilising pre-built libraries based on the best research institutes transformative insights are delivered from day one.

Organisation wide

Voice data can be analysed from the entire workforce to truly understand workflows and processes and to pinpoint areas for improvements.

Easy to customise

Not every organisation is the same. Through a user-friendly interface, organisation specific AI categories are easily created to ensure insights are relevant and actionable.

Seamlessly Integrates

The integration with Red Box means there is no complex set up required for organisations. Deployment and set up is fast and utilises and easy to use licensing model.

Use Case

Public Safety organisations handle huge call volumes and highly trained dispatchers react and deploy response personnel and vehicles repeatedly throughout a shift.  Utilising the call data from control rooms can support these endeavours by identifying trends in the type of incident, or peaks by time, day of the week and enable more accurate positioning of response teams and staffing levels.   

The insights delivered can help control room team leaders identify and offer additional support to dispatchers that are handling repeated difficult calls through flagging conversations that meet criteria set within categories that are easily customised and visible in a user-friendly interface and dashboard.


Tethr is a cloud-based conversation intelligence platform that combines powerful AI, machine learning and decades of customer experience research to surface contextual insights from phone calls and other customer interactions.

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