Equipping critical health services with compliant call capture and voice-AI

Paving the way for consumer-driven care

Stringent compliance regulations, increased data availability, and scientific innovations are resulting in health organisations turning towards technology foundations defined by interoperable data, open and secure platforms, and those that can facilitate consumer-driven care to become differentiators in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Conversa addresses these issues and those seen by organisations in the sector who are unable to properly utilise their voice data. We capture and deliver real-time or post-call high-quality voice and metadata into voice-AI applications of your choosing, including patient management systems, CRMs, customer experience platforms, and compliance tools.

This 100% open API architecture allows healthcare providers gain additional value – beyond compliance – from captured conversational data to unlock the true benefits of this rich data set.

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Secure and HIPPA compliant

Conversa supports compliance with the privacy and security requirements set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the safeguarding of electronically protected health information (ePHI) by recording, storing, retaining and encrypting all conversational data.

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Meets CMS mandates with Red Box

New electronic communications recording, disclosure, and oversight rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) - effective 1 October 2022 – now requires all healthcare agent and broker calls to be securely recorded and stored for no less than 10 years. The rules apply to calls with existing patients as well as prospective clients.

Providing a compliant way to securely record and store all patient and beneficiary voice interactions, Red Box can help health firms meet this mandate to ensure internal and external duty of care standards are met. By doing so, this supports the broader global trend toward increased disclosure for complex products directly marketed to customers to promote transparency and protect consumers.

Healthcare Solutions

Voice Analytics & AI

Red Box empowers you to harness the vast opportunities of conversational data with a real-time, high-quality voice and metadata capture solution that ensures you get the most out of healthcare-AI and analytics applications.

Voice Analytics & AI

Screen Recording

Link Agent PCs with Agent devices such as handsets, allowing screen and audio recording to take place simultaneously. Screen-recorded calls can then be processed, searched, replayed, exported, and transcribed.

Screen Recording

Agent Controls

An adaptive call recording management solution that assists Call Centre agents across customer service disciplines to annotate calls, record on demand, and support PCI compliance with audio suppression.

Agent Controls

Automatic Speech Recognition

For voice data sets packed with rich insights, Conversa’s high-quality, real-time audio capture combines with cutting-edge model training and data-labelling for accurate, enterprise-grade speech recognition and understanding.

Automatic Speech Recognition

PCI Suppression

With evolving and rising regulations, enable the automated and manual suppression of sensitive payment information to maintain a focus on PCI DSS compliance and payment card security for enhanced patient data security.

PCI Suppression

Screen Tagging

Capture details of an agent’s movement on screen to establish process, tools, or knowledge-related blockers and annotate calls with pre-set fields or free text to guide improvements across the agent and patient journey.

Screen Tagging

Regulatory Compliance

Securely capture, store, retrieve and reconstruct all communications from major platforms. This includes UCaaS capture capabilities for complete compliance, all whilst fostering productivity in the age of hybrid working.

Regulatory Compliance

Metadata Capture

Tap into additional context across the patient journey by capturing metadata fields such as phone number, account numbers and agent IDs that translate into valuable conversational data that is rich with insights.

Capture from any platform

Voice-AI: Key Benefits


Healthcare Analytics

Analytics integrations

Send conversational data straight to your Electronic Health Records (HER), Customer Relationship Management system,  and other applications for seamless and streamlined workflows.

Healthcare Compliance

Regulatory compliance

Compliantly record, monitor, transcribe and reconstruct every patient conversation to meet compliance mandates and respond instantly to audits and investigations.


Healthcare Record Keeping

Improve record keeping

Reduce liability and ensure that recorded calls comply with data retention periods, and are stored effectively in line with data protection legislation for patient security.

Healthcare Patient Care

Enhance patient care

Establish a complete picture of the patient journey with voice and metadata capture across multiple health-tech applications to improve personalisation and first-call resolution.

Healthcare Quality Assurance

Improve quality assurance

Understand conversational interactions between patients and providers, and get the insights you need to motivate, retain, and drive agent performance through training and coaching.

Healthcare Dispute Resolution

Resolve disputes

Search captured voice and metadata across healthcare systems to identify patients who have raised disputes, issued a complaint, or those who have specific queries.

How AI is reducing fraud: Solving the hundred-billion dollar problem

Fraud, waste and abuse within healthcare represents $100b+ lost each year. If solved, this massive problem would represent an opportunity to allocate significant resources into improving patient outcomes. As a tool for recognising trends and discrepancies, AI is poised to overhaul how both payors and providers catch fraudulent and wasteful behaviours.

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Connect with any application

A healthy dose of innovation

By investing in AI to increase efficiency, reduce fraud, and automate various processes while adhering to the strict compliance restraints of the industry, digital transformation will allow the health sector to focus more on the bottom line – delivering excellent patient care.

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