Equipping critical health services with essential voice capture.

Paving the way for consumer-driven care

With increasingly stringent compliance regulations, data availability, and scientific innovation, the ability to remove data silos and extract valuable and actionable insights from audio - alongside other data - is becoming a critical differentiator in an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape.

Red Box’s high-quality real-time audio capture empowers healthcare leaders to tap into holistic rich voice data sets at scale, gaining insights that can transform customer, employee and agent experience, help manage risk, drive operational efficiencies and reduce churn.


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Conversa by Red Box is the first truly open microservices-based, enterprise voice platform, providing resilient capture of uncompressed AI ready audio from across your organisation’s existing infrastructure and open access to and control of this data. The open API architecture gives the freedom to use this data in any application, with access to a wide ecosystem of voice AI and analytics applications including leading Customer Experience Platforms, CRM, patient management systems and compliance tools.




Solutions for success

With voice data sets increasingly seen as a strategic asset awash with rich insights, the opportunities to leverage captured conversations are vast. Yet only 49% of healthcare organisations are properly utilising their audio data.


Compliance assurance

Mitigate fraud by leveraging best-of-breed applications for AI-based monitoring and analysis of internal and external communications, as well as having the ability to retrieve, locate transcripts and listen to recordings through the Conversa UI.


Customer experience

Stereo call, media (video and screen), and customer metadata can be captured across disparate telephony systems (Contact Center, back office, front office, and on or off premise), establishing a complete picture of customer interactions.


Process efficiencies

Conversa’s open APIs connects healthcare organisations to a choice of industry leading voice application vendors facilitate efficiencies and automation across risk management, fraud detection, CX, Quality Management and more.


Panel Discussion: Reducing fraud, waste & abuse with AI

Fraud, waste and abuse within healthcare represents $100b+ lost each year. If solved, this massive problem would represent an opportunity to allocate significant resources into improving patient outcomes. As a tool for recognising trends and discrepancies, AI is poised to overhaul how both payors and providers catch fraudulent and wasteful behaviours.

This panel of healthcare leaders will dive into this hundred-billion-dollar problem and how they're using AI to solve it. 



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