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Being Human:
How and Why Machines are Learning the Art of Human Conversation

In collaboration with global research partner, Censuswide, Red Box has surveyed 801 business leaders across the UK and US to look at their perception of AI, its ability to understand and analyse human conversations, and why they are using it across the enterprise.

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Be the Data Hero your organization needs
Omdia Report

In a new era of voice intelligence, AI technologies are providing a new level of intuition and support beyond human capacity. But do you have the optimal data foundations in place to leverage uncaptured, untracked and unmanaged voice channels and turn your conversational data into valuable insights?  

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Conversa by Red Box captures voice and media across the enterprise
Omdia | On the Radar

This report features Conversa and how it can help meet the growing demands of businesses for enhanced personalization, customization, and first, if not zero, contact resolution of customer issues.

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The Secrets to Maximizing your Voice & AI Strategy
Why it's time to rethink your recording

This Whitepaper explains why you will need to rethink some of the standard recording practices that were established long before AI-powered voice analytics was a possibility, empowering you to gain a competitive advantage and see the real benefits from a voice and AI strategy.

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