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Agent Controls
An adaptive call management solution

Through Red Box’s WorkStation Client, organisations can capture intricate details of an agent’s movement on screen to help establish process, tools, or knowledge-related blockers and enable agents to annotate calls with pre-set fields or free text. Automated and manual suppression of sensitive payment information also maintains a focus on critical PCI compliance and customer data security.

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Automatic Speech Recognition
Fuel AI speech analytics with real-time transcription

For voice data sets packed with rich insights, Conversa’s high-quality, real-time audio capture combines with cutting-edge model training and data-labelling for accurate, enterprise-grade speech recognition and understanding. Capturing and transcribing communications from across the organisation is critical to understanding the voice of your employees and customers and opens up opportunities for organisations across a broad range of industries to leverage speech analytics across compliance, sales coaching and CX initiatives.

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Your gateway to enterprise voice freedom

Conversa gives you the power to listen, the freedom to share, and the insight to act upon your enterprise-wide voice data, with 100% open access and real-time audio streaming of high-quality conversational data. This complete data sovereignty ensures you never miss a word, empowering you to capture every interaction across the customer and employee journey, and gain access to the world’s most extensive ecosystem of leading AI and analytics partners to support extensive use-cases.

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Quality of Recording
Check and alert on underlying audio quality issues

Whether call recordings are underpinning adherence to regulatory obligations or speech analytics and AI initiatives, Red Box’s Quality of Recording (QoR) leverages algorithms to listen to recordings processed by Conversa, enabling you to check for and alert on underlying audio quality issues - such as white noise – so they can be detected and resolved promptly.

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Capture voice from all major communications platforms

Quantify empowers you to capture, secure, and unlock the value of your conversational data, providing highly resilient voice capture, screen recording, and speech to text transcripts from new and legacy telephony platforms across the enterprise. In an age where voice analytics is transforming organisations, Quantify also provides 100% open access to your voice data, helping you avoid vendor lock-in and gain access to some of the world’s leading AI and analytics partners to further extend the value of your voice investment.

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Screen Recording
Leverage real-time screen and audio data

Red Box’s Screen Recording capability enables you to identify key areas of improvement, maintain compliance, and gather rich analytical insights with synchronised playback of voice and video. Screen-recorded calls can then be searched, replayed, exported, and transcribed to support a number of use-cases including training, auditing, quality assurance, and employee performance and experience. Audio can also be suppressed to support PCI compliance.

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