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A smarter route to performance management and CX

Augment your Quality Assurance (QA) process by leveraging your rich conversational data captured by Red Box within EvaluAgent – a leading analytical-driven performance management platform. This new partnership will empower you to take traditional QA programmes to the next level, surfacing the calls that matter to derive actionable insights that generate additional revenue, retain customers, and nurture agent skills and performance.

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MS Teams, flexible working and compliance recording

Organisations are considering how to use voice and conversational data as a strategic and valuable data set that can be leveraged in AI and analytics tools. Learn about how you can tap into Teams interactions captured by Red Box to drive use cases such as improved customer experience or sales performance, as well as automated fraud detection and surveillance.

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Reimagining Quality Assurance in the ‘new normal’

In today’s new normal, organisations must adapt to these changes and understand how to reimagine QA to drive better quality outcomes for the evolving requirements of their consumers. Red Box has joined forces with partner Tethr - a leading AI-based conversation intelligence platform that unlocks the hidden insights sitting in your customer call data (and other customer interactions). 

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Understanding and Overcoming Barriers to AI and Voice Adoption

Many organisations are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunities debilitated by a mix of both cultural and technical restraints. From struggling to integrate legacy platforms through to a lack of understanding on how to get the most out of data to fuel analytics, these issues can be onerous, but also overcome. Watch this webinar to find out how to unlock the opportunities of voice and AI to transform your organisation. 

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30-minute masterclass: 5 steps to seamless QA automation

A thriving Contact Centre relies on great conversations across the customer journey. And, whilst traditional QA processes, CSAT scores, average handling time, and Net Promoter Scoring are useful, are they really delivering the actionable insights at the scale and speed required to truly maximise customer and experience transformation initiatives, as well as driving cost saving and operational efficiencies?

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