Bay Street Est 1861 Inc.

25, Adelaide East Suite 1602

Canada's elite Turret solutions provider Bay Street Est. 1861 Inc. is a full service communications company providing premium service for the Financial, and Energy and markets across Canada. We provide consulting, design, implementation and support for the specialized turret markets. Our team of dedicated, hardworking employees is ready to exceed your expectations. 

The Future of Trading Communications With BT Unified Trading With BT Unified Trading, BT has set the benchmark for the next decade by bringing to market a powerful, cost-effective, software-based cloud-compatible trader voice, multi-media and collaboration solution. Designed to give market professionals the flexibility to interact, collaborate and trade securely – and with greater compliance – via multiple communication channels, across their enterprise and with their clients and counterparties.

We have sales and technical certifications on all products we sell and support including: - BT ITS Trading Systems TDM/IP/SIP/Cloud - Red Box Voice Loggers - End to End voice circuits on our private wire Bay Street Exchange Network and Global access through the BT Radianz Network. -Cloud enabled access via BT for all aspects of the trade cycle - Various related peripheral products Worldwide With offices across Canada and strong international partnerships in the USA, South America, Europe and Asia we are able to connect and support your needs globally.

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