Trade and Communications Oversight and Regulatory Reporting

Making voice work for your business

The requirements on communications record keeping and monitoring has intensified in recent years with new regulations and increased regulatory scrutiny.

Voice is and always has been a key method of communication. However, capturing voice from multiple channels and making use of it for monitoring and analytics has always been a complex task. 


Consolidating your data to help you Comply Smarter™

SteelEye is a leading Regulatory Technology provider, offering a range of compliance solutions through a unified platform.

SteelEye’s Communications Surveillance helps you unify all your communications across voice, instant messaging, email and chat, and make use of that information for regulatory compliance. Further, SteelEye’s Core Package consolidates and normalises order, trade, communications, market and reference data under a single lens for enhanced Record Keeping, Trade Reconstruction and Analytics. 

SteelEye | Red Box Partner


Red Box Partnership

Together with Red Box, you can integrate your rich voice data with SteelEye in near real-time. Once in the platform, transcriptions and recordings are saved against the relevant records. Records are also complemented by relating emails and instant messages, so it is easy to carry out an investigation of all the communications surrounding a particular order or trade. Instant search and retrieval via the browser-based dashboard means that if a regulatory request were to arrive, you can quickly extract and report whatever has been requested to your NCA. 


Comprehensive RegTech suite

SteelEye’s comprehensive RegTech suite consists of record keeping, transaction and EMIR reporting, trade and communications surveillance, trade reconstruction and best execution. By enabling you to meet a range of your regulatory needs through one comprehensive solution, SteelEye reduces the ongoing complexity and cost of managing multiple regulatory regimes, providing an innovative and affordable answer to regulatory conformity. And with all your regulatory data in one place, you can gain fresh insight into your business, helping you improve efficiency and profitability. For more information, visit: www.steel-eye.com.

SteelEye | Red Box Partner