Automatic Speech Recognition

Speechmatics’ versatile automatic speech recognition technology, based on decades of research and experience in neural networks, is enabling world-leading companies to power a speech-enabled future. Having already transcribed millions of hours of audio and helped customers across a diverse range of use cases and applications, the team’s mission is to build the best speech technology for any application, anywhere, in any language and put speech back at the heart of communication.


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"Red Box Continue their ongoing commitment to providing future-proof, secure and strategic capture solutions"


Organisations are increasingly understanding the value of collecting more comprehensive data, which can then be used not just for compliance and incident reconstruction but to provide valuable business insights, thus reducing operational costs and improving the quality of service.

As leaders in compliance recording technology, Red Box are committed to providing innovative voice and data recording technologies to help organisations across finance, contact centre, government and public sectors.

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Through the Speechmatics and Red Box partnership organisations can capture all voice conversations and quickly turn audio data in to actionable, searchable assets. The Speechmatics Transcription Engine is a highly accurate transcription engine that takes the high-quality audio captured by Red Box and reliably produces search-optimised text representations.

This highly valuable structured data can be utilised by AI and ML powered solutions to help manage compliance, to support audit and surveillance initiatives, drive customer experience improvements and to increase sales conversion rates.


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Speechmatics | Red Box Partner