Cognitive View

Automated Compliance, CX & Conduct Risk

Cognitive View monitors customer and employee communications and automates customer experience (CX), conduct risk and compliance for several regulations including ASIC, FCA, MAS, MiFID, FINRA. Additionally, they provide an integrated solution for archiving, automated supervision, and auditing with the Red Box voice platform. Cognitive View has been voted as RegTech 100 twice across the globe and selected as a 2021 IBM Beacon Award finalist.




Cognitive View | Red Box Partner

“Red Box provides one of the highest quality audio streams and continues to innovate, which helps us stay focused on solving business problems around leveraging voice data.”

Dilip Mohapatra, Founder

As organisations are starting to leverage voice data to drive new strategies around CX, operational risk, and compliance, it requires the right foundation that supports dual and stereo quality recording and API based access control to provide open access to and control of their own data. 



Compliance and conduct risk monitoring

  • Communication monitoring to support risk-based supervision with predictive analytics and actionable insights.
  • Out-of-the-box compliance packages to support several regulations including MiFID and GDPR.
  • Hundreds of behavioral and conduct risk patterns out of the box to suit a hybrid working model.
  • Compliance policies support abuse detection including personal attack, bigotry, cyberbullying, sexual misconduct, criminal activity and confidentiality breach.


Improve customer experience and sales

  • Customer experience analytics to understand customer satisfaction, call drivers, customer concerns, and complaints.
  • Improve agent performance to increase sales script adherence and quality assurance.


Audit and reporting

  • Incident and breach management with reporting and remediation.
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Cognitive View | Red Box Partner