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Clarabridge helps the world’s leading brands take a data-driven, customer-focused approach to everything they do.  By using AI-powered text and speech analytics, the Clarabridge experience management platform enables brands to extract actionable insights from every customer interaction. Clarabridge is also a leader and a strong performer in the AI-Based Text Analytics, Customer Feedback Management, and AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Forrester Waves™.




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"Red Box & Clarabridge partner to capture extremely high-quality calls from the contact center for omni-channel AI analytics combined with other customer feedback channels such as chat, e-mails and surveys"

Eric Din, Vice President, Global Alliances & Strategy at Clarabridge

With Red Box Support for 85 different telephony platforms (PBX, Contact Center, Trading Floor, Mobile, Radio, face to face, etc.), this partnership is optimal to get around any potential roadblock related to gaining access to source-quality audio data, regardless of the infrastructure in place. The high-quality audio data allows for more accurate transcription and more actionable analytics.

Clarabridge’s customers use their Clarabridge’s leading omnichannel speech-to-text analytics platform to ingest raw audio recordings from customer service interactions. Voice data is automatically captured from any speech switch through Red Box, transcribed into text, and seamlessly made available for analysis within Clarabridge.

The Red Box and Clarabridge solution provides clients with the highest quality end-to-end contact center compliance and analytics solution.  The partnership enables organizations to capture source-quality audio data across virtually all telephony platforms, and analyze the contents of the data to drive operational efficiencies across the enterprise.  Clarabridge and Red Box clients can:

  • Understand primary cost drivers to the contact center
  • Improve agent performance through automated quality management and assurance
  • Reduce risks through compliance monitoring
  • Uncover customer complaint drivers and their impact on KPIs
  • Measure customer sentiment, effort, and emotion across 100% of contact center interactions

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Clarabridge | Red Box Partner