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Accelerate time to value for your voice AI platform with real-time access to ‘AI-ready’ voice data

Are you facing challenges in accessing voice data from legacy telephony platforms or incumbent call recording vendors?

With significant experience and expertise in voice capture, Red Box connects customers to ‘AI ready’ post-call and real-time voice and rich metadata streams from legacy and new contact centre, telephony and UC platforms to fuel your AI application.

Help customers maximise their investment in your application and accelerate time to value with real-time or post call access to ‘AI-ready’ voice and rich metadata by partnering with Red Box.

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Why partner with Red Box?




Accelerate time to value from your platform with real-time and post call access to audio data.




Unlock ‘AI-Ready’ data including stereo and uncompressed audio files and rich metadata.


Open APIs

Open APIs

Completely complementary partnership proposition – Conversa is a 100% open platform.




Collapse complexity by leveraging our expertise in voice capture with global pre-sales, engineering and sales support.



Additional contextual data is also available such as screen recordings, screen tags and agent annotations.




T1-T4 global software support available, 24 hours a day x 7 days a week. Red Box is ISO 27001 accredited.

Voice capture options to meet your customers' needs

Whether you are leveraging audio for customer experience, agent assist, sales performance enhancement, compliance, or fraud detection, Red Box’s high-quality voice capture accelerates time to value for you and your customers with real-time access to AI-ready voice data.

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Capture for AI

Does you customer already have a legacy call recording solution in place? No problem. Red Box can provide a non-invasive capture layer to fuel AI.

Compliance Recording

Is your customer looking for a complete compliance recording solution that also provides 100% access to conversational data and real-time AI-ready voice streams?



A 100% open platform

Conversa overcomes the common issues associated with extracting data from legacy call recording platforms (inaccessible data, poor quality data and high cost), by giving organisations full access to and control of their captured voice data.

We provide the best quality data possible for AI engines to reason over with stereo, uncompressed audio files. This fuels the best possible transcripts and in turn optimises the quality of insights generated from any analysis of this data set.


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Are legacy call recording practices limiting ROI from conversational AI platforms? Find out how to overcome these hurdles and maximise the value of your customers' voice and AI strategy in our latest Whitepaper.

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Partner Case Study: Deepgram


Red Box and Deepgram enable joint customers to boost insights from conversational data by combining high-quality, real-time audio capture with cutting-edge model training and data-labelling, for accurate enterprise-grade automatic speech recognition.

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Partner Case Study: Behavox


Leveraging high-quality, uncompressed audio capture by Red Box, Behavox transcribes and monitors voice data at unprecedented scale to meet regulatory requirements and minimise the risk of fraudulent activity across organisations.

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