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The Global Partner Ecosystem

Capture from any platform and connect to a broad partner ecosystem to unlock the potential of your conversational data.

Red Box integrates with all major communications platforms used across the enterprise so you can capture audio and media irrespective of source and without needing to change existing telecoms infrastructure.

You also have the freedom to connect to a broad partner ecosystem of application and value-added service partners to drive actionable insights and deliver business outcomes across the organisation.

You’ll find some of our key partners in this section, however, we capture from and integrate with many more, and also support customised integrations.

Application Partners

With so much innovation in the AI and analytics application space, why tie yourself to a single vendor’s technology stack? Our open platform ensures access to a broad ecosystem of application providers and the freedom to choose those that best align to the business outcomes defined by your organisation.

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Platform Partners

Red Box captures millions of calls daily across major UC, telephony, mobile, turrets, and contact center platforms. Whether you’re taking advantage of UCaaS solutions to support distributed workforces, looking to get the most out of out of your existing telephony infrastructure, or supporting a mixed estate, Red Box provides a single platform solution.

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Partnering with Red Box

Are you facing challenges in accessing voice data from legacy telephony platforms or incumbent call recording vendors?

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