Quantify | Screen Recording

Leverage screen insights to manage compliance, agent performance and experience.


Synchronise screen and audio recording

When it comes to your agent and customer phone interactions, audio is only half the picture.

Red Box’s screen recording capability is designed for multiple environments that require the capture of both screen and audio data – such as call centres or back offices - to support a number of use cases including compliance, training, process auditing, quality assurance and employee performance and experience.

Hundreds of Agent PCs can be linked with Agent devices such as handsets, allowing screen and audio recording to take place simultaneously. Screen-recorded calls can then be processed, searched, replayed, exported, and transcribed.

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Gain a complete picture of every customer and employee interaction. Red Box’s Screen Recording capability enables you to identify key areas of improvement, maintain compliance, and gather rich analytical insights with synchronised playback of voice and video.




Solutions for success


Search & replay

With powerful transcription search combined with intuitive and customisable results visualisation, transcripts can be easily displayed so you can search for spoken words and phrases across recorded calls, view transcripts in full, and listen to calls all in one place.


Enhance Agent performance

Record and play back an Agent’s desktop experience to provide additional context when reviewing. With audio and screen replay synchronised, you can more effectively monitor call quality and proactively manage Agent performance.


Augment recordings

Accurate and timely transcriptions of audio and video provides greater efficiencies in incident reconstruction and evidence collection. Data sets also enhance compliance through quality monitoring and identifying coaching requirements for employee training.

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