Capture voice from all major communications platforms.

Are you looking for complete data sovereignty to maximise the value of captured voice data?

Quantify empowers you to capture, secure, and unlock the value of your conversational data, providing highly resilient voice capture, screen recording, and speech to text transcripts from new and legacy telephony platforms across the enterprise.

In an age where voice analytics is transforming organisations, Quantify also provides 100% open access to your voice data, helping you avoid vendor lock-in and gain access to some of the world’s leading AI and analytics partners to further extend the value of your voice investment.

Designed with rich functionality, high-quality voice data, 99.999% service availability, and connectivity via open APIs, Quantify has long been established as a core solution for many public safety, financial services and contact centers across the globe. Deployments for on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments also provide flexibility when you need it most.


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Platform Features


Audio Search and Replay | Quantify

Audio Search and Replay

Search & replay is the perfect application for efficiently searching large volumes of spoken audio, using a built-in media player to search recordings and replay conversations based on your chosen search criteria.


Call Monitoring | Quantify

Call Monitoring

Monitor and listen to high-quality voice calls in real-time. This empowers managers and supervisors with insights to aid agent welfare, and optimise employee coaching, fact verification and quality management.

Event Reconstruction | Quantify

Event Reconstruction

Build a visual timeline of events and replay recordings sequentially or concurrently. Recordings and evidence can also be collated from multiple sources to support call auditing, disclosure and compliance.

Quantify Real-Time


Unlock real-time Voice of the Customer (VoC), agent experience, and compliance use cases with actionable insights from conversations as they happen.

Quantify Insight

System Monitoring

Proactively check the status of your Red Box system through a visual dashboard and hands-off email reports. Access the data needed to understand and monitor system performance and prevent problems.

Quantify API Integration

API Integration

Retain complete data sovereignty of voice data with access to free and open APIs that provide access to an extensive ecosystem of AI and analytics partners.

Capture Every Interaction

With the most open and connected platform, Quantify captures voice from anywhere, irrespective of source, including telephony, UC, mobile, trading, radio and contact centre communications.

Agent Controls

An adaptive call recording management solution that assists call centre agents across customer service disciplines to annotate calls, record on demand, and support PCI compliance with audio suppression.

Agent Controls


For voice data sets packed with rich insights, Quantify’s high-quality, real-time audio capture combines with cutting-edge model training and data-labelling for accurate, enterprise-grade speech recognition and understanding.


Screen Recording

Link agent PCs with agent devices such as handsets, allowing screen and audio recording to take place simultaneously. Screen-recorded calls can then be processed, searched, replayed, exported, and transcribed.

Screen Recording

Performance Management

Utilising Red Box’s rich audio and metadata, configure chosen sets of conversational data, playback audio for accurate analysis, and track how your QA efforts are positively impacting your business KPIs.

Quality Assurance

Metadata Capture

Tap into additional context across the customer journey by capturing metadata fields such as phone number, account numbers and agent IDs that translate into valuable conversational data that is rich with insights.

Connect with any application

Red Box Resellers

Working closely with our reseller partners allows us to use their specialist market knowledge and skills to drive mutual growth and success and be the recognised solution of choice to secure and maximise the value of voice communications for customers.

Red Box Resellers

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