The proven platform for resilient, compliant audio capture

Quantify provides highly resilient voice and screen recording from new and legacy telephony platforms (UC, mobile, trading, radio, and contact centre), and highly accurate speech to text transcripts of captured conversations.

The Quantify application suite offers a range of functionality including search and replay, event/trade reconstruction, quality management and proactive system monitoring to support regulated environments such as trading floors, control rooms and contact centres.

In an age when AI driven voice analytics is coming of age and new applications are emerging all the time you need to be able to use the best solutions for your business. Quantify provides third party applications with easy and secure access to your data so you don’t need to be tied to one recording vendor’s capabilities. Voice data becomes an asset that can help drive your business forward.

Designed to provide high quality voice data, 99.999% service availability extensive connectivity and flexible deployments for on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments, Quantify has long been established as a core part of many public safety, financial compliance and contact centre organisations.


Quantify Applications