Red Box's application suite helps maximise the value of voice data.

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With Red Box you have complete data sovereignty – you choose how to maximise the value of your captured voice data. Whether that’s via integration with your choice of applications or services via our free and open APIs, or by utilising our Quantify application suite, or a combination of both – you remain in control.


Search & Replay

Retrieve voice recordings & replay conversations based on your chosen search criteria in our built-in Media Player. The perfect application for efficiently searching large volumes of spoken audio content.

Live Acquire

Monitor and listen to voice calls as they happen. A great application for managers and supervisors to provide real-time coaching and assistance.

Event Reconstruct

Build a visual timeline of events & replay recordings sequentially or concurrently. A useful app for collating recordings from multiple sources to compile evidence needed for call auditing, disclosure and compliance.

Quality Management

Identify trends and employee training needs by automatically sampling calls for assessment and creating custom scoring forms based on set evaluation criteria.


Proactively check the status of your Red Box system through a visual dashboard and hands-off email reports. Access the data needed to understand and monitor system performance and prevent problems.

Agent Controls

Activate tools such as PCI Suppression, record on demand and call annotation to give your agents important controls to manage the data consumed on calls across your business.

Our Platform

75 languages

Extend the analysis of spoken voice with accurate and timely transcripts in our growing bank of 75 languages.

99.999% availability

Architected to support 99.999% service availability with greater than 2N redundancy, thus removing any outside factors.

1-day install

Our platform can be implemented on premise or into a Cloud infrastructure in as little as 1 day, saving significant time and expense.

55+ systems

We capture from new and legacy unified communications (UC) systems and telephony platforms within an organisation’s infrastructure.

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GDPR is here

Are you compliant?

“There’s a lot in the GDPR you’ll recognise from the current law, but make no mistake, this one’s a game changer for everyone.”

Elizabeth Denham

UK Information Commissioner

GDPR brings broader territorial scope, higher financial penalties and additional requirements and responsibilities for organisations handling data for EU citizens.

It aims to strengthen the rights of individuals and increases transparency around how personal information is captured, stored and processed.

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