Architected for a Voice First World

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Call recording platform components diagram on a laptop screen


Capture voice data from all legacy and new voice platforms, on premise or in the cloud.

Suitable for businesses of any size, the extended Red Box platform architecture enables the extensibility of its proven application to natively operate and scale on all cloud and on-premise environments, whilst continuing to ensure the capture of all voice communications from old world and new world telephony, and all from a single application stack.


By using open source technologies, our platform expands and contracts in near real-time, providing resilience and availability to guarantee voice capture every time.


Micro services methodologies and the latest secure communications protocols allow for the distribution of light weight components to be delivered anywhere.

Open APIs

Free and open REST APIs provide secure access to all features, functions and captured voice and transcribed data to any and all applications.

Transcribed voice

Highly accurate and multi-lingual transcriptions are available for both real-time and historical conversations.

Ease of integration

Integrates with a broad ecosystem of AI, BI, CRM, Analytics and Compliance application partners to unlock the value of voice.

Single application

Supports the capture of voice from all legacy and new telephony platforms making it suitable for small business and global enterprises alike.

1- day install

Our platform can be implemented on premise or into a Cloud infrastructure in as little as 1-2 days saving significant time and expense.

55+ systems

We capture from new and legacy UC unified communications (UC) systems and telephony platforms within an organisation’s infrastructure.

75 languages

Extend the analysis of spoken voice with accurate and timely transcripts in our growing bank of 75 languages.

99.999% availability

Architected to support 99.999% service availability with greater than 2N redundancy, thus removing any outside factors.