Mainstream Digital


With over 25 years’ experience of the UK telephony market, Mainstream Digital are specialist providers of communication solutions for business, offering on-site and hosted telephony, VoIP and SIP services with business class broadband connections. Cyber Essentials and GDPR compliant, Mainstream is accredited to ISO9001 (Quality Management), ISO27001 (Information Security Management) and ISO22301 (Business Continuity). We are a Samsung development partner, creating cloud base telephony and data solutions, with our own secure UK based data centres.

The Mainstream Mobile Voice Recording (MVR) solution makes the most of the technology in your pocket and is designed to work on Samsung phones with KNOX security.  Already in use in the financial and infrastructure sectors, MVR is MiFIDII compliant, secure and auditable.  Protect your staff and business from disputes and litigation, saving time and money during investigations.

Tamper proof and undetectable, MVR allows normal mobile phone operation while securely recording all business communications including voice, text and SMS messages, without the need for user interaction.   All communications are encrypted and securely transferred to Mainstream data centres.  Only the client has access via the online portal to search, review, comment on, share and audit any of the communications made or received.

Users can capture photos via the mobile app which are transferred securely to the client portal, and can be searched, viewed, commented, shared and audited as with all other information. Photos could be used for proof of attendance, site inspection or before and after works shots.

MVR also provides device telemetry including signal strength, memory usage, battery life and GPS location information.  You can remotely manage your mobile estate, update devices, remove unauthorised apps, generate Google maps and manage users, teams and managers with the required levels of information and access for each.

MVR works across all networks and with features available such as lone worker assist and interview recording, MVR is suitable for use in a wide variety of roles either B2C or B2B.

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