The communications around trade negotiation are multi-channel, multi-lingual and complex. Understanding the whole conversation around a trade is vital to gaining accurate business intelligence and achieving regulatory compliance. However, effectively organising this data across multiple silos and converting it into useful insights is a real challenge for companies who lack the right tools.

Fonetic is the leading provider of communication surveillance and compliance software in capital markets. We help our clients unify and utilise their employee communications across voice, instant messaging, emails and chat and convert it into actionable information.

Trade Comms Suite gives you end to end intelligence of your trade lifecycle by linking voice, eComms and trade data in one unified interface. With ML & Ai enhanced analytics and developed by in-house domain experts, our product enables you to react quickly, report on time and achieve proactive compliance.

Fonetic gives you:

  • Best in class for accuracy – The most accurate voice surveillance solution in trading today, using AI enhanced technology and language models designed by in-house experts to give enhanced audio processing.
  • Agile solution to fit your needs - User friendly policy creation and customisable workflows to suit any type of organisation.
  • Ease of Integration - No need to uproot existing infrastructure or specific capture components. We lock onto any data source captured by Red Box and ingest it hassle free.   

At Fonetic we pride ourselves on employing and retaining financial markets, trading and linguistic experts with a real-world understanding of the challenges our clients face on a daily basis. Our development is driven by the marketplace and our clients’ requirements to deliver a joined up and automated approach to communications surveillance and compliance.

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