Our Global Partner Ecosystem

Capture everything and connect to the broadest partner ecosystem to unlock the potential of recorded voice.

We guarantee the capture of all voice communications from anywhere, irrespective of source and without needing to change existing telecoms infrastructure. We ensure you capture everything, irrespective of source, by integrating with all major communications platforms across global enterprises.

We connect you to the broadest partner ecosystem of application and value added service partners to maximise its value.

You’ll find some of our key partners in this section however we capture from and integrate with many more, and also support customised integrations.



Our carefully selected strategic partners are made up of partners from across our ecosystem. We may be embedded into their offering or they may be embedded into ours but jointly we capture and transcribe voice, support compliance, fuel AI to improve the customer experience and drive business and process improvements.


Never miss a word. We’ve been capturing voice for 30 years and capture from over 55 communication platforms including analogue, digital, mobile, radio and IP telephony.

We capture from legacy and new platforms so there’s no need to change your existing infrastructure, but you’re future proofed in case you do.

We integrate with too many platforms to list them all on our website so please get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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Via our Free and open REST-based APIs, we deliver seamless and secure integration with your applications of choice.

From storage and archiving to analytics, AI, Business Intelligence, CRM, and compliance tools, you’re free to use whatever works best for your organisation because you own and manage your captured voice data.

Can’t see your application listed or using customised? Contact us for details on how to integrate.


These additional services are an embedded part of the Red Box offering. Whether it’s our highly accurate speech to text transcription service, which is delivered through a partnership with Speechmatics, or the ability to import voice and transcribed communications into Salesforce with our Voice Data Controller application, they are built into the Red Box portfolio and help you to get the most out of this valuable data set.

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Need help finding your recorder ID?

This can be found in the Configuration Page > Status > Recorder Status
Need help finding your software version?

This can be found in the Configuration Page > Status > Version Information