June 2021

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Award wins, partnership announcements & thought leadership by Red Box.

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A must-read Whitepaper if you’re looking to maximise the ROI from speech analytics.


Our latest webinars, plus, learn more about overcoming the barriers to voice & AI adoption!

In the Press: Best Tech Investments to Make to Become Post-Pandemic Winners

With 55% of business leaders using or planning to use voice to gain a significant edge on competitors, the Covid-19 pandemic has in many ways accelerated digital transformation projects placing focus on AI and the strategic importance of data to support decision making. This acceleration of trends has caused a shift in the things companies could, and should be investing in.


Latest Updates: Red Box Roundup

It’s been a busy year so far for Red Box, from winning Best Trading and Infrastructure Monitoring Platform at the Trading Tech Awards through to the expansion of our strategic best-of-breed partnerships with Medallia – leaders in experience management - and Behavox - AI-powered compliance specialists. Read more about what we’ve been doing and the latest thought leadership pieces from the team.


Red Box: Your Microsoft Teams Specialists

Are you ensuring the resilient capture, retrieval, archiving and retention of Microsoft Teams communications across your organisation? The Red Box integration for Microsoft Teams takes our compliance expertise and offers organisations the peace of mind they need that all communications are being captured and stored securely in line with their retention policies using our compliance bot.

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Latest Resource: Maximising your Voice and AI Strategy

Are you responsible for your organisation’s voice and AI strategy? If so, you might be interested in our latest Whitepaper!

With historical call recording practices hindering the ROI from speech analytics, the Whitepaper explains why you will need to rethink some of the standard recording practices and foundations that were established long before AI-powered analytics were a possibility to help you see the real long-term benefits of your voice and AI strategy.

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Is your Quality Assurance Making a Difference?

If you’re still doing QA manually and without focus on risky incidents or performance patterns, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to improve customer and employee experience. Looking at the continuation of remote working, understanding how to listen to and analyse every conversation in near real-time can help you to reimagine QA in your Call Centre to quickly identify efficiencies, costs savings, and coaching and training requirements.

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OnDemand: Understanding and Overcoming the barriers to Voice and AI Adoption

If you’re struggling to untap the wealth of opportunities that voice data presents, then look no further.

Our latest Webinar with Deepgram – leaders in ASR – delves into the issues that are preventing organisations from extending the value of their data and maximising ROI. From overcoming legacy infrastructure constraints through to getting buy in from the rest of your organisation, learn how to get the most out of data to fuel AI analytics and transform your organisation.



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