Posted on: 09/07/2019

Last week (July 5th ), Red Box attended the latest Emergency Services Network (ESN) and Airwave DCS workshops at the Motorola Innovation offices in London with, the Home Office and representatives from Emergency Services organisations (Ambulance, Fire and Police), and other lead organisations who provide vital systems to the UK's emergency services.

These forums occur every six weeks to talk through the operational requirements and ensure they are included as part of the design and development process for Kodiak and all systems that will be used by Emergency Service Providers, from capturing voice conversations across multiple platforms and devices, through to the ICCS (incident command and control) and CAD (computer aided despatch) solutions.

Given that we work with over 70% of UK police forces and are part of 3 Lead Organisation trial processes within the ESN migration project, these workshops provide essential input to our product development roadmap ensuring we fully understand the new Emergency Services Network, what our organisation needs from the network and how our solution needs to work to support our customers.

In last week’s session we discussed the latest timelines and received encouraging news regarding the ESN integration for voice and data capture as well as reassurances regarding the Airwave transition to DCS (which Red Box is pleased to share we are already well positioned to handle). We continue to work with and encourage our public safety customers to engage with Airwave to understand their best options and as part of our commitment to our public safety customers we are also attending an Airwave DCS meeting later this month.

It was great to see that the ESN network coverage was utilised and put to the test at Glastonbury a couple of weekends ago. Transition to the ESN is due to begin in just over 18 months with the full rollout to be completed in 2022. These planning workshops are key to achieving these milestone dates and ensuring all organisations who supply solutions to the Emergency Services in the UK are able to update and tweak their current offerings in line with this project.

With the next meeting just 8 weeks away we alongside some of our key partners in public safety have plenty to be looking at with regards to development requirements so we are armed ready for the ESN. 

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