Red Box proves ESN-readiness via successful completion of NEC's Cortex ICCS integration testing

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Posted on: 06/09/2022

Red Box, the leading platform for voice, has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to ESN-readiness through the successful completion of testing of its integration with the LTE-enabled version of the Cortex Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS), provided by NEC Software Solutions (NEC).

The testing proves the integration between the Red Box call recording platform and  NEC's Cortex ICCS connected to the ESN network. The completion of the development work and rigorous testing by Red Box is a significant milestone in preparations to support joint customers with their ESN roll-out at the appropriate time.


“From the outset, Red Box has been committed to working with the Home Office and vendor partners to ensure we proactively prepare for the migration to the ESN network and support the smoothest transition possible for our customer base,”

comments Pete Ellis, CPO.

“Successfully passing the Cortex ICCS integration testing is a key milestone in our ESN-readiness activities.”

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