Red Box launches Quantify 6B with Zoom and RingCentral integrations

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Posted on: 17/12/2021

Red Box launches Quantify 6B with UCaaS integration enhancements and additional screen recording features.

Red Box is pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of its Quantify call recording suite which features integrations with Zoom and RingCentral. Organisations will also benefit from enhanced screen recording with synchronised video and audio playback.

With ongoing support for distributed workforces continuing to drive accelerated adoption of collaboration and speech analytics tools, the launch comes at a time when call recording remains critical in both regulated industries and those looking to tap into the insights within captured conversations to drive improved customer experience, sales performance, and automation.



Zoom Compliance Recording

With the broad adoption of UCaaS solutions by organisations globally, the Red Box integration with Zoom Cloud Services enables you to capture rich call audio and valuable metadata from Zoom meetings.

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RingCentral Integration

The Red Box call recording integration for RingCentral captures internal, external and PSTN calls with and without direct routing. You can securely capture all calls in one central platform with full control over storage and retention periods to meet your compliance obligations.

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Quantify Remote Desktop Screen Recording

Designed for multiple environments that require the capture of screen and audio data such as call centres or back offices; hundreds of Agent PCs can be linked with Agent devices to allow screen and audio recording to take place simultaneously. Screen-recorded calls can then be processed, searched, replayed, exported, and transcribed.

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