Red Box Launches Next-Gen Voice Capture Platform


Posted on: 18/09/2020

Red Box launches next-gen voice capture platform, providing a gateway to realtime enterprise voice freedom.

Dedicated voice specialist, Red Box, today announces the launch of Conversa, the World’s first truly open microservices-based and Cloud-agnostic enterprise voice platform, which gives organisations the power to listen, the freedom to share and the insight to act upon enterprise wide audio and media data.

With a unique and revolutionary event driven, stateless architecture with almost unlimited capability for global scale, Conversa captures high-quality audio and rich media from every conversation taking place across the enterprise, whilst ensuring multiple levels of resiliency.  Conversa is built from the ground up to be platform agnostic for on-premise, cloud or hybrid delivery, with a market-leading total cost of ownership (TCO).

Free and open REST APIs ensure realtime access to and control of these extremely rich but sensitive data sets, as well as supporting the delivery of ‘AI-Ready’ audio, video, rich metadata and transcripts to virtually any application. This provides organisations with access to an extensive ecosystem of best-of-breed AI, Analytics, CRM, BI and compliance tools to drive transformative business outcomes across customer and employee experience, sales performance and automation.

 “With organisations under increased pressure to support distributed workforces, as well as driving differentiation through digital transformation, it’s even more critical than ever for them to retain sovereignty of one of their richest and most powerful data sets: the voice of their customer and employees,”

comments Richard Stevenson, CEO of Red Box.

“Conversa empowers organisations to tap into the rich insights within enterprise wide audio and media data whilst also benefiting from market-leading infrastructure”.

The platform will be launched initially on Limited Release and will be available alongside the current Red Box platform which continues to be developed and supported.


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About Red Box

Red Box is the leading dedicated voice specialist with over 30 years’ experience in empowering organisations to capture, secure and unlock the value of enterprise wide voice. Conversa by Red Box is the next generation and first truly open microservices-based, enterprise voice platform. It offers a revolutionary event driven and globally extensible architecture, market leading infrastructure TCO and infinite horizontal scalability.

Providing mission critical, resilient capture of rich, high quality voice data and media from every conversation, anywhere, on any platform and in realtime, Conversa providers customers with end to end data sovereignty and open access to the world’s most extensive ecosystem of leading AI voice technologies.

Red Box is trusted by leading organisations across financial services, contact centre, government and public safety sectors (including six of the world’s top banks, 85% of global interdealer brokers, 1,700 call centres and over 80% of UK police forces) and we capture and secure millions of calls daily for over 3,500 customers around the world.


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