Red Box Awarded Best Trading Infrastructure Monitoring Platform


Posted on: 25/02/2021

Red Box Awarded Best Trading Infrastructure Monitoring Platform

We are delighted to announce that today, Red Box has received an award for ‘Best Trading Infrastructure Monitoring Platform’ at the 2021 TradingTech Insight Awards Europe.

The shortlist is a result of extensive research complied by an advisory board who assess the excellence of trading solutions in capital markets, the relevance within the award category and the potential interest of the solution or service to the Trading Insight Community.

“Our awards recognise leading providers of trading technology solutions, services, and consultancy to capital markets and Red Box has proven themselves to be worthy winners of this prestigious title. We congratulate Red Box winning the Best Trading Infrastructure Monitoring Platform in recognition for the continuing excellence in the trading technology space,”

said Andrew Delaney, President of the A-Team Group which hosts the TradingTech Awards.

In a world of evolving regulations including MiFID II and Dodd Frank, the need for providers of financial services to keep a secure and accurate record of voice communications is greater than ever. This has been heightened further during the COVID-19 pandemic, and comes amid mounting pressure from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who state organisations must record all communications (including voice, mobile, video and IM), for remote workers.

Red Box addresses these requirements, capturing voice across all major communications platforms with high-quality audio, rich metadata and a transcribed text representation of conversations. This can then be stored on-premise, in the cloud, or with compliance archiving and AI/analytics partners to adhere to specific regulatory requirements. 

“Red Box supports hundreds of financial services organisations with their compliance requirements through resilient capture of enterprise-wide voice, as well as providing complete data sovereignty and an open API approach that enables organisations to extend the value of their data,” 

comments Richard Stevenson, Red Box CEO. 

“It’s great to receive recognition of our open platform for voice by both the TradingTech Community, customers, partners and the wider industry alike and this is testament to the great work being done by the Red Box Team.”



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