Red Box announces partnership with Innaxys


Posted on: 10/03/2020

Red Box and Innaxys partner to streamline the collection of critical recorded audio evidence into cutting-edge Digital Asset and Evidence Management (DEAM) Platform.

Red Box, the leading platform for voice, and Innaxys, leaders in bringing innovation to policing through intelligence-led solutions, have announced a strategic partnership that will enable police forces to seamlessly ingest voice recordings, captured from the control room and officers in the field, directly into the Innaxys DyTASK© Intelligent Policing DEAM Platform.

The fully MoPI compliant DEAM solution enables forces to easily store, analyse, control and share all types of digital evidence. The audio evidence and the associated metadata captured by Red Box will be ingested into the platform as unstructured audio files and as transcripts (alongside other media including documents, images, bodyworn/dashcam/digital interview/CCTV video, fingerprint and footprint records), where it can be replayed, annotated, redacted, clipped or bookmarked and used within timelines, chronology and storyboards.

Assets and Evidence are collated automatically by case/investigation reference within the Innayxs platform thanks to interfaces with key policing solutions such as command and control and Records Management Systems. The solution also enables users to collaborate with other stakeholders, whether that’s requesting evidence from individuals or through crowd sourcing, as well as integrating seamlessly with CPS and the wider UK Criminal Justice System through secure, authenticated views.

 “Response to emergency situations can involve multiple personnel communicating across fixed-line, mobile and radio networks,” says Pete Ellis, Red Box CPO. “By partnering with Innaxys we’re combing our expertise in capturing those crucial pieces of audio evidence and our open platform ethos to enable forces to leverage voice data in a powerful DEAM platform and benefit from cutting-edge policing technology.’

 “Voice recordings provide forces with a rich and insightful evidence source and are a critical piece of the investigative puzzle,” comments Jean-Claude Lafontaine, CEO of Innaxys. “The quality of audio, metadata and transcripts from Red Box will provide a vital feed in to the Innaxys DEAM platform to help forces optimise digital evidence and asset management and deliver the transformative case management efficiencies forces are seeking.”


Red Box will be on stand B20 at the BAPCO Annual conference and Exhibition at the Richo Arena, Coventry, 10-11 March.

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