Posted on: 29/05/2019

We are delighted to today announce a new partnership with pioneer and leader in conversational AI innovations Nuance Communications, Inc. which will deliver an integrated solution enabling customers to benefit from enterprise wide voice data capture combined with Nuance’s Transcription Engine and Voice Biometrics.

The integrated speech to text transcription capability has been launched within our latest product release. Transcriptions of pre-recorded audio will be available in 14 languages and 28 dialects and in one of three modes - accurate, fast and warp - balancing speed, accuracy, and hardware requirements and providing an extended transcription offer for Red Box customers.

“Capturing voice data is a critical element of understanding the voice of the customer. By combining Red Box’s ability to capture conversations from across an organisation, whatever the platform, with Nuance’s Transcription Engine and Free Speech voice biometrics, we can deliver valuable business outcomes such as enhancing digital transformation, increasing customer satisfaction, fraud detection and prevention, and supporting regulatory compliance,” says Pete Ellis, Chief Product Officer at Red Box.

In addition, transcribed data can be exported into applications delivered by our partner ecosystem, making it easier to deliver business insights such as surveillance, audit or quality analysis. The voice recording, combined with Nuance transcription, is the gateway to delivering future Artificial intelligence.

“Red Box is an important player in voice capture and by combining their capability to capture conversations from across an organisation with Nuance’s transcription service, we can support organisations in turning unstructured data into structured data sets for brands to leverage,” says Keith McConaghy, Director of Channel Sales at Nuance. “The partnership delivers a fully integrated and pre-optimised solution that will reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and reduce deployment time.”

Find out more about Nuance here.

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