Posted on: 28/03/2018

Kate Hammett, Head of Global Partnerships

Can you imagine the world where we struggle to tell the difference between a recording and the real thing? Where technology evolves so fast, resulting in machines learning human language, quicker than humans learn machine language. Welcome to the era of Voice, Speech to text and Artificial Intelligence, the big topic of conversation at Enterprise Connect, Orlando.

As 6000 people immersed themselves in discussions, seminars, and the expo hall, listening to industry leaders, challengers and innovators, hoping to gain insight on how they can deliver the right level of service to their customers in the next few years, I found myself on a mission to explore the messages being shared, seek out the innovative players in the market and reflect on Red Box Recorders’ positioning now and in the future.

I was not surprised to hear that voice is the leading form of communication, but the role it plays will change as speech becomes even more prevalent in the next 2 years. Whether you’re a baby boomer, Gen X or Millennial, the desire and expectation to use voice to control a digital assistant over the next few years’ is expected to rise, but surprisingly, it’s not just telephony vendors leading the way. Cloud, IT, UC, and Mobile all have their part to play.

I’ve heard a lot about the desired business outcomes, whether this be for compliance, increased revenues, targeted campaigns, improved efficiency, agent analytics or enriched customer service; none of which is possible without data captured through email, chat, IM, SMS, but more importantly now, from the leading communication method, voice! The more data points you have to take from, the better machine learning gets.

Organisations want total control of their infrastructure and data, with flexibility to choose a variety of applications and platforms, whether in the cloud or on premise. They want to leverage the future AI capabilities to deliver best service to their customers, without switching out their current infrastructure or incurring high costs to extract data.

On reflection, excitingly, I find Red Box Recorders being at the epicentre of this change, we are the gateway to enabling this future world, without constraints. We capture from new and legacy systems, on premise and in the cloud, supporting over 55+ voice platforms. Our customers have full and free ownership of the data captured by Red Box Recorders and we turn unstructured data into structured with speech to text transcription (through a partnership with Speechmatics), making it even easier to extract value and provide seamless integration through an open API with best of breed partners, delivering valuable business insights.

If I could give one piece of advice, I would recommend being prepared for change by capturing and storing your voice data today, ready for the new world coming tomorrow.

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