Red Box and Tethr Webinar

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5th February 2020

4.15PM GMT

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Many organizations are struggling to take advantage of the voice of their customers to improve their overall customer experience. However, innovative CX leaders are discovering that high quality voice capture combined with AI-based customer listening can provide a powerful tool in unlocking the voice of the customer to improve Customer Experience (CX) and overall business performance.

Our panellists:
Matt Dixon, Chief Product & Research Officer at Tethr and author of The Effortless Experience
Pete Ellis, Chief Product Officer at Red Box

Key takeaways from this webinar will include:

* The importance of the high quality voice data captured by Red Box and how it fuels the Tethr Essentials platform
* How AI-based listening can be used to pinpoint sources of customer friction that can lead to churn or missed sales opportunities
* How automated, AI-based scoring can eliminate the need for post-call surveys as a means of measuring CX
* Success criteria and real world examples of ROI and measurable outcomes