Launching Deepgram: Jump start your growth strategy with ASR

Online   |    webinar


28th October 2021

8:30AM PT | 11:30AM ET | 3:30PM BST

Two of the world’s leading voice and AI companies have collaborated to bring you unlimited opportunities in maximising the value of your voice data with fast, accurate and high-quality transcription.

End-to-end deep learning can be the difference between using voice data for a basic operational need and being able to use it as part of your growth strategy. The combination of Red Box’s high-quality audio capture capability and Deepgram’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) opens up a wealth of opportunities to untap rich insights sitting in your customer and employee conversations. But how do you achieve this?  

Come and join us to learn more about this exciting enhancement to the Red Box portfolio:

  • Gain insight into the integration and how it enables a great conversational AI experience.
  • Learn more about the key features including:
    • High-quality transcription to improve accuracy with trained speech models
    • Search, replay and export functionality for rich analytical insights
    • Transfer learning on new accents, dialects and use-case terminology
    • High-performance, scalability and low Total Cost of Ownership
  • In practice: How one organisation saved $639,000 with Red Box and Deepgram
  • How transcription can support a number of use-cases including CX, compliance and coaching.
  • Q&A.

Your speakers:
Andrew Smedley - Quantify Product Manager at Red Box
Jo Martin - Partner Operations Manager at Red Box
Chris Dyer – VP of Sales at Deepgram