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Capture every aspect of customer and agent interactions

Leverage real-time screen and audio data

Digital transformation begins and ends with how you think about customer and employee data.

From Quality Assurance to identifying inefficiencies in your Call Centre, a holistic view of voice and screen-based interactions during a call is required to truly understand and optimise the end-to-end customer journey.

Red Box’s Screen Recording capability enables you to identify key areas of improvement, maintain compliance, and gather rich analytical insights with synchronised playback of voice and video.

Screen-recorded calls can then be searched, replayed, exported, and transcribed to support a number of use-cases including training, auditing, quality assurance, and employee performance and experience. Audio can also be suppressed to support PCI compliance.

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Empower Call Centre agents across customer service disciplines to maximise efficiency, enhance productivity and support compliance with Screen Recording.

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Key Features


Screen Sampling

Screen Sampling

Configure Conversa to screen record only a specific percentage of all calls captured on a random selection basis for storage and cost efficiencies.


Screen Wrap up

Screen Wrap-up

Record and determine call wrap-up periods to decrease call handling times and increase customer satisfaction and quality assurance.

Capture and Replay

Capture & Replay

Record and playback audio and screen recordings in sync to monitor call handling, improve customer satisfaction and support compliance.

PCI Suppression

PCI Suppression

Suppress audio during payment transactions and "mute" (blank screen) screen and video to ensure compliance and enhance customer data security.  

Agent to PCI Mapping

Agent to PCI Mapping

Map agents to PCs based Active Directory database information. Conversa can then screen record an agent regardless of which PC they are using.

Open APIs

Open APIs

With Red Box’s open API’s, gain control of and leverage voice and screen data within AI analytics engines to support a variety of use-cases.

Do you also want to tag agents' actions on screen in order to guide improvements across agent and customer experience?

Screen Tagging

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