Quality of Recording

Check and alert on underlying audio quality issues

Leverage algorithms to listen to recordings 

Is the quality of your captured audio holding you back from unlocking the value of your conversational data within AI and analytics engines?

Whether call recordings are underpinning adherence to regulatory obligations or speech analytics and AI initiatives, Red Box’s Quality of Recording (QoR) leverages algorithms to listen to recordings processed by Conversa, enabling you to check for and alert on underlying audio quality issues - such as white noise – so they can be detected and resolved promptly.   

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Quickly identify call recordings with the potential to impact Voice of the Customer (VoC), agent experience, and compliance initiatives with audio quality assessment.

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Why Quality of Recording matters


The Red Box QoR capabilities improve capture for AI by enabling data quality to be maintained to feed into AI and analytics engines and underpin the insights and ROI generated from these platforms. This is further enhanced by the capture of uncompressed, high-quality stereo audio.

Key Features


Health Monitoring Alerts

Health Monitoring

Get instant health monitoring alerts on potentially impacted calls.

Detect white noise and silence


Detect white noise and silence in captured audio files. 

Automate call quality assessment


Automate call quality assessment and fix quality issues promptly. 

Quality in = Quality out

AI and analytics engines will only ever be effective if the right data foundations are in place.

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