Automatic Speech Recognition

Fuel AI speech analytics with real-time transcription

Never miss a spoken word

End-to-end deep learning is the difference between using voice data as a basic operational need and being able to use it as part of your growth strategy.

For voice data sets packed with rich insights, Conversa’s high-quality, real-time audio capture combines with cutting-edge model training and data-labelling for accurate, enterprise-grade speech recognition and understanding.

Capturing and transcribing communications from across the organisation is critical to understanding the voice of your employees and customers and opens up opportunities for organisations across a broad range of industries to leverage speech analytics across compliance, sales coaching and CX initiatives.

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Take the heavy lifting out of noisy, multi-speaker and hard to understand audio transcription so you can focus on what you do best.

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Analyse your organisational and technological readiness to underpin voice-AI and analytics initiatives, and get guidance on the key data foundations required to fully harness successful speech analytics investments.

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Cutting-edge ASR


Transfer Learning

Transfer Learning

Train models on new accents, dialects and use-case terminology for transcription accuracy.


Custom Languages

Custom Languages

Transcribe a variety of languages and foundational speech models to support multiple use-cases.



Accurately transcribe 100% of voice data with a significantly reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

Punctuation & Capitalisation

Punctuation & Capitalisation

Improve transcript accuracy and further understand the meaning and intent behind conversations.

Search & Replay

Search & Replay

Listen to communications in real-time and retrieve and replay recorded calls in moments.



Utilise high-quality and real-time audio for reliable search-optimised text representations.

Real-time call capture for ASR

Do you already have a call recording vendor but can’t access high-quality, real-time or post-call voice data streams for speech analytics engines to analyse?

Capture for AI

Leverage transcriptions in leading AI and analytics platforms

Transcriptions can be exported, processed and analysed by a wide range of business systems,  providing deeper analysis and tangible insights to inform decision making and improve enterprise-wide performance.

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Quality in = Quality out

ASR will only ever be effective if the right data foundations are in place. Established call recording practices that have served organisations well enough over the years for compliance and quality purposes are now hindering the ROI from speech analytics. Is your audio recording solution  preventing you from capitalising on the value of rich voice data?

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