Your Gateway to Enterprise Voice Freedom

Do you lack the access and control needed to fully realise the strategic value of your voice and media communications?

Conversa gives you the power to listen, the freedom to share and the insight to act upon your enterprise wide voice data by providing you with realtime access to all of your customer conversations.

With a revolutionary event-driven microservice architecture, market-leading total cost of ownership (TCO) and infinite scalability, Conversa gives you resilient data capture, end-to-end data sovereignty and support of on-premise, cloud or hybrid delivery.

Free and open REST APIs ensure you have open access to the world’s most extensive ecosystem of leading AI applications to tap into captured voice data (plus video, collaboration, Chat/IM and transcripts) to deliver transformative business outcomes across customer and employee experience, sales performance and automation.


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Conversa from Red Box

Platform Benefits

Modern event-driven architecture built on stateless Microservices, delivered in Docker Containers and orchestrated with Kubernetes.
100% Open RESTful API giving unfettered access to all system functions and collected voice data.
Architected to support 99.999%+ capture availability across a single global cluster with guaranteed delivery and zero data loss design.
Real-time audio streaming engine to natively support best-of-breed AI applications for customer experience and advanced analytics.
Cloud architecture agnostic supporting scale to 100,000+ users on market leading low compute footprint.

AI is being leveraged to foster a much broader sense of digital enablement



This Whitepaper explains why you will need to rethink some of the standard recording practices that were established long before AI-powered voice analytics was a possibility, empowering you to gain a competitive advantage and see the real benefits from a voice and AI strategy.