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Voice remains a powerful and strategic tool for organisations, enhanced further by the emergence of digital communication channels, the power of AI, and the ability to capture and share insights that can rapidly innovate experiences across the enterprise.

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Conversa Conversations brings you all the latest trends, thought leadership, and analyst insights to help you unlock and maximise the value of voice.

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EPISODE 1: A new era in voice intelligence

Covid 19 and increased remote working has made it more challenging to capture conversational data across the enterprise. To address these issues, growth in omni-channel investments indicate a digital engagement revolution is well underway, but how can voice and AI take these initiatives to the next level?

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EPISODE 2: The voice channel joins the digital revolution

In a new era of voice intelligence, AI technologies are providing a new level of intuition and support beyond human capacity. But do you have the optimal data foundations in place to leverage uncaptured, untracked, and unmanaged voice channels, and turn your conversational data into valuable insights?

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EPISODE 3: Voice of the future: Data liberation

How do you get conversational data to the point where you can drive real value from it? In Deepgram’s latest podcast “Voice of the Future”, Pete Ellis, Chief Product Officer at Red Box, talks about the fundamental steps organisations should take to truly liberate their data.

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EPISODE 4: Conversational AI: Enhancing EX and CX initiatives

Voice is expected to explode in terms of adoption - in large part catalysed by advances made in AI and speech analytics. But what roadblocks need to be overcome before the technology becomes pervasive, and before the value of this rich conversational data set can be truly unlocked? Red Box CEO, Richard Stevenson, explores more in this episode.

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Conversa Conversations: Top voice and data investments for 2022

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