Being Human:

How and Why Machines are Learning the Art of Human Conversation

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Is the future bright for conversational AI?
In collaboration with global research partner, Censuswide, Red Box has surveyed 801 business leaders across the UK and US to look at their perception of AI, its ability to understand and analyse human conversations, and why they are using it across the enterprise.


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The missing opportunity
Almost 50% of respondents are aware of the positive use-cases for conversational AI, but are not currently using them within their organisation.
are not using conversational AI in their organisation.
A growing acceptance of AI
Organisations plan to increase voice capture in the next two to five years, with only 3% stating that they never plan on implementing voice AI technologies.
never plan to implement voice AI technologies.
Adressing the skills gap
The practical benefits on teams are notable; 40% of leaders believe that voice AI implementation will improve specific challenges around retaining staff.
believe AI implementation will support staff retention.
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Is the jury still out?
Can conversational AI really listen like a human?
Red Box expands on some of the surprising results from the report and some of those that made media headlines in our short preview.
Are we moving to a world where AI will finally be able to listen like a human?
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Our survey reveals:
• Why organisations think AI needs to listen like a human
• How businesses are addressing this opportunity
• The future of voice capture across the enterprise
• If there is an inflection point for AI’s capabilities to expand
• How to tackle specific implementation challenges

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