Scrum Master

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POSTED: 21/07/2020

Role Description

The Scrum Master role operates within an Agile Team who in turn is assigned to Products/Streams.

You will support other team members in communicating, coordinating, and cooperating and actively removing impediments to meet its delivery goals.

The Scrum Master is a team-based management proxy and servant leader whose role it is to help teams to self-organise, self-manage, and deliver via effective Agile practices. The Scrum Master supports and enforces the rules of the scrum process as well as other rules or protocols that the team has agreed. The Scrum Master also helps the team coordinate with other teams into Release Management. The Scrum Master is the primary contact between the team and senior management and/or external customers.

The Scrum Master is tasked to regularly communicate status, ensure all key artefacts are updated, remove blockers and escalate risks/issues that cannot be resolved by the Agile Team


Reporting Line

This role reports to the Agile Delivery Manager


Primary Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the scrum teams follow agile values and principles. Follow the process and practice the team have agreed for delivery excellence, including supporting the rules of scrum WIP limits, Definition of Done and any other process rules the team has agreed to.
  • Coordination of delivery dates between streams and updating of the necessary artefacts (Road Map, Burndown, Velocity, Risk/issue/Dependencies, Retrospectives, Release Planning, Defects)
  • Protecting the team from outside interruptions and distractions to ensure committed delivery iterations stay on track.
  • Eliminating impediments. Many blocking issues will be beyond the team’s authority or will require support from other teams. The Scrum Master proactively addresses these issues so that the team can remain focused on achieving the objectives of the iteration.
  • Engaging with stakeholders throughout iterations, facilitating and preparing for external meetings, web shares and demos; often required to assume the role of scribe if not the role of chair for key meetings.
  • Facilitating all team meetings, including the daily stand-up, Iteration Planning, Team Demo, and Iteration Retrospective. Ensuring Post-rollout retrospectives take place and feedback loop followed


Qualifications, Skills & Experience


  • Holder of a valid Certified ScrumMaster qualification (CSM Essential / ACSM/PCSM/SAFe SA desirable)
  • Degree or equivalent (desirable)
  • Industry recognized software development qualification (desirable)


Culture & Experience

  • At least three (3) years’ experience serving as a Scrum Master within a software development function with multiple scrum teams.
  • Demonstrates the behaviors of a Lean-Agile Leader with a Lean-Agile mind-set
  • Completer/finisher, Results Driven. And passionate in achieving aims & objectives. Positive attitude. Self-Motivator
  • Knowledge of other agile methodology and frameworks like SAFe, Kanban
  • Experience of applying different delivery methodologies and the ability to manage multiple projects / deliveries simultaneously in a very fast paced environment


We value people who can support our Red Box employee value proposition ‘courageous, competitive, collaborative’


Closing date: Friday 7th August 2020.